Well then…

First! First post! Since this blog is more like a diary for me, I will probably keep it up for about a week. Full of information that might just be interesting to me. I want to record the little thoughts that keep ringing in my head, so that they might leave me alone when I write them down. And to prevent sounding a smidge too depressing, one of the thoughts that has been bothering me this week is: I would love to smash in a window in a bus or a train with one of those little hammers they hang above the windows or doors. I wonder if that will really work. A tiny hammer and a double glassed window made of long lasting plastic of some sort. I would just love to give cracking one of those windows a try using one of those tiny hammers.


And as the title of this blog suggests: I love cats. Dogs too, but cats crack me up and make me giggle all the time. When I feel like it I will explain this fascination at some point, but right now a warm shower and a good nights sleep sound better. I will however leave you with one of my own cat pics. Is this kitty pissed of or what!

Keipissig joh!

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