From the Wiktionary:

ant-sy (ˈæntsi)

restless. apprehensive and fidgety

Just a little education about a very cute word that is very appropriately applicable to how I have been feeling lately. A feeling that something is not right. From the moment I get up in the morning I feel some concern in my heart, that has been beating a little more than normal. It’s like something bad is about to happen, but I have no idea what. I have no idea what I’m trying to tell…me. What I should tell me is to STOP IT and stop stressing so much. Especially when you don’t know where that antsyness (I can make words!) is coming for. So: I should get over myself and just enjoy myself a bit more. This is what I have been telling me as well, and it kind of works, so a bit of programming of the brain and I’ll be back to being my happy, good-natured self again in a jiffy.


I have been told that my cat pictures look strange on earlier versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. They are so huge that they don’t fit the page, or they appear stretched out. Which is strange, since I made them smaller for the site. But then again not strange since I am not that technical to begin with. But now I have read the FAQ I’m sure it won’t happen again. As a test, check this cute cat:

Looks yummy!


For all you cat lovers, there is a channel on YouTube by a man from Norway, Richard Norton. He breeds Bengal cats, which are not only beautiful, but funny and smart to boot! One of my favorite video’s is The little kitten and I pester Bessy”. It is heartwarmingly cute, and I am a sucker for cats that ‘talk’. Thank you Richard!


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