Bad logic, nice kitty

I have been living in a small, but cozy room in the centre of Amsterdam for a while now. [When I wrote this sentence I decided to look up just how long. It’s been 4 years! Jeez…]. It’s 18 square meters, or 60 square feet, and I’ll be happy when I find something bigger.

The reason I am sharing this very uninteresting information is because once my brain connects certain incidents, I can never, ever get rid of them. I swear that when scientists find out how brains work they should look at mine. Somewhere, in the depths of my gray matter there is a little chamber with “incidents or connections never to be forgotten, even when the are totally and utterly useless, but pop up all the time”. For instance, when I am behind my computer, (as I am right now), I can look into the apartments across the street. The first morning when I woke up in my new place, I opened the curtains and looked across the street. In the apartment I was peering into, a naked man walked up the stairs while drying his back with a towel. And ever since then, this incident has been connected to me looking at that apartment. So if you know how you are: well, thank you very, very much indeed.

Another totally ludicrous connection my brain has decided to make is linking Coca Cola to a person I know. Yes, I mean the Coca Cola that is quite readily available in every corner of this planet. Somehow, whenever I see a Coca Cola ad, or bottle, I think about this person. And you know why: because he drinks a lot of Coca Cola. It is totally insane, because I am quite positive about a billion people drink more Coke then he does, but he was the first person that I thought of: Well, he drinks a lot of Coke really. And therefore, someone I don’t know that well, and see about every two years is connected to Coca Cola for eternity. Don’t you love how the brain works!


On YouTube, there are many, many excellent video’s of cute, funny and cranky cats and other felines (I especially love the cranky ones!). So every once in a while I’ll post the ones I like the best. Real cat lovers probably know most of them, since Cuteoverload is one of my favourite sources of cat video’s. The vids that have made me smile and laugh out loud the most lately are those of a tiger cub from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.
The cub a couple of weeks old
The cub in week three
The cub at four and five weeks old
The face on this baby is just totally ridiculous:

You can also check my playlist on YouTube. Enjoy!


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