Countdown to Rome

I will be on the plane to Rome in less than 12 hours. Because I’ve already been three times I know they have very cool cats there. The kind I like, with cranky faced and plenty of attitude. Evidence can be found here. When I come back there will be plenty of pictures! But since that is a week away, I can´t just not post a cat:


This one looks kind of mean, but is really sweet. She is “talking” to me in this picture. I love talkative cats, and talking about them as well. And my cat frenzy has gotten worse and worse over the years. Hey, whatever makes me happy! And now: off to Rome!


2 Responses to “Countdown to Rome”

  1. adorablay Says:

    Ah! What a great photo! I love talkative cats too! Siamese are the most talkative in my opinion… they just love to chat with you. Have fun in Rome you will be missed! Wow, I really want a Roman Cat… bring one back!!! That site is great.

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    I will bring one back, deal! 🙂 And Siamese are very talktative, that’s true. Bengals also chat a great deal by the way!

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