Rome – Torre Argentina

So, I’m back from Rome. I consider it to be one of the most lovely cities in the world. I have been four times, and it never disappoints! This time I only went for two days, and it also rained two days straight. My shoes were totally soaked and even my winter coat couldn’t withstand the rain, so I was cold as well. But I didn’t mind at all! And not in the least because I visited the great cat sanctuary Torre Argentina. I know this link is in my link section as well, but it never hurts to mention this great cat shelter. The people that work there all work at a voluntary basis and are one of the few sane people working for animals in Italy. They try and sterilize and castrate all cats that enter at Torre Argentina, to prevent more street cats coming along. Also, by castrating males, they prevent attacks from other male cats.
One vet once had a cat in his office that had his eye scratched out because other males thought he was an intruder. He fixed the eye, but did not castrate the cat. Result: the cat got in a fight again and also lost his other eye. I had the pleasure of meeting this poor guy:

Blind cat at Torre Argentina

He got about really well, and seemed to find his litter box, his food and my hand with no problems! Still, castrating cats should be practised on a much wider scale, and for some reason Italian law does not seem to like practising this very sane attitude towards kitty welfare.

But, I am getting off my soapbox and will just post some pictures already!

Torre Argentina site

Torre Argentina sign

Torre Argentina - ready to jump

Torre Argentina - full frontal

Torre Argentina black cat

Torre Argentina tent cat

Torre Argentina what do you want

Torre Argentina ignoring you

This last picture is another great example of a cat ignoring people, and pretending to not see you. Although you can clearly see he is annoyed by me. Hooray! I also gave a donation to the sanctuary and bought a DVD about cats in Rome. It’s a double DVD, I will check it out soon and tell you if it’s worth buying. I suspect it is! And you should, because it is a donation and a gift to yourself at once! Please, think of the kitties :).

I have some other things on my mind, but they’ll have to wait before I type them up. First, some rest and a hot, steamy shower!


One Response to “Rome – Torre Argentina”

  1. adorablay Says:

    That was awfully quick… only 2 days huh? Well it seems like it was well worth spent time! That first cat is so sweet and sad. I have always wanted to rescue cats with problems such as that, blind, missing a leg… anything since I know I could love them just as much as any other cat and there are so many that need that. It is so wonderful to see you advocating for such a great place. The pictures are wonderful and I hope someday I get to visit this place, it looks very worth while. Please keep us informed about the video, I am highly interested in how you like it.

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