Bathroom hypnosis

In some bathrooms there are a specific sort of tiles:

Bathroom floor

In my shower I have the same tiles on the floor. Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated by the patterns and the images they can portray. It’s like one of those 3D-books, where you have to stare at the pages until you see a pyramid or a UFO or something. Well, I have never, ever seen an image pop out of me from those books, even when I stare at them for an insanely amount of time. But these bathroom tiles have always triggered my imaginations. I can see faces looking at me, or spot a frying pan in the corner of my eye. When I try to focus, the floor turns into just grey and white and black spots again. I love looking at the floor of my shower and see what I can find. The thing I see most in these patterns are bunnies, for some reason. I wonder if anyone else has seen things in these tiles as well…

P.S. I just looked back at some posts, I think I might have a slight obsession with showering. I seem to talk about it quite a bit. Don’t judge, at least I am clean!

2 Responses to “Bathroom hypnosis”

  1. adorablay Says:

    This happens to me quite a bit as well. Not only that but I see shapes and images in certain patterns.. like marble (it’s like guessing what a cloud looks like). Funny thing is… I use it, I like to draw and paint and sometimes if I see something crazy cool I will go and sit down in the bathroom (specifically but not all the time) drawing what I see in that marble tile floor and it comes out to be really good. Try it sometime, it may surprise you… artist or not.

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    That is a very good tip. Because seeing things in tiles or marble is connected to your imagination. Really funny that you try the ‘technique’ for your art!

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