Cat sitter – Klutz

Don’t worry about the title of this entry. No cats were dropped of balconies, no tails were stepped on… 

The last couple of days I have been a “cat sitter” for someone that was out of town. Since I don’t have a cat of my own (I know! It’s horrible! But my room is just too small.), I always take a cat sitting opportunity when I see one! Especially with this one, he is just quite a character:

Yesss, keep petting me!

Why did you stop petting me! I told you not to!

You say something?

Can we go back to petting then?


He really makes contact with you and he comes up to you face when you ask for a kiss. A perfect relationship if you ask me!


I have the periods when I am super super super klutzy. I trip into anything that crosses my path, and if it isn’t in my path, I’ll do my very best to trip over it or walk into it anyway. It would be just rude to hit the table, but to not walk into the door now wouldn’t it! I have just had one of those periods recently, so I’m covered in bumps and bruises. My favourite thing is walking into doors by making a turn to soon. It’s just wonderful when your shoulder gets disjointed ten times a day! I have resigned myself to the fact that these periods of instability are just part of my life and my dorky charm. What else can you do…

2 Responses to “Cat sitter – Klutz”

  1. whenlifegivesyoulemons Says:

    Ha, I like the captions you put as the cat’s “thoughts”. 8)

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    I just put down what he tells me to :P.

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