Stats rule!

I am a huge number and statistics geek. Whenever I see stats I get the great urge to keep looking at them. For instance, when I’m downloading something I keep staring at the time that is left before the download is complete, and the speed in Kb/sec. A bit creepy actually now I think about it.

Because of this little, shall we say, quirk, I also check how people end up on this blog. Believe you me, not a lot of people make it here, but when you look for “show litter as a adjective” on AOL, you end up here. Amazing… I really wonder what this person was looking for and what he or she thought when they came across this blog. I am sure a post about a blind cat in Rome wasn’t on the agenda, but hey, I would be happy with a find like that!

2 Responses to “Stats rule!”

  1. De Splinter Says:

    I thought I was the only one watching the Kb/second rate! Then again, I should have known better. 😉

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    O my God, there’s more of us?! That’s great :).

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