Great photo’s, cat video’s, turn off the light!

I love photography. I think a picture can really touch someones heart. Unfortunately, I cannot make the pics I would like, except those of animals. Note: career possibility = animal photographer. Evidence that I have more cute photo’s of cats and other animals will follow later!

Anyway, some of my favourite photographers are:
Alfred Stieglitz
Alice Wielinga. Alice is a friend of mine, but whew, she has a keen eye if I’ve ever seen one!
Annie Leibovitz
Chema Madoz
David LaChapelle
Gerard Kingma


I have seen some really cool cat video’s the last couple days.
– First of all, Cat me if you can. Weird video, even crazier lyrics and song accompanying it.
– A nice compilation of cats doing stupid things I hadn’t seen before.
– Yes! A classic video of a cat fight between B.J. and Cognac. I never thought I would see it again. Thank you, YouTube!
– And last but not least: I watched part one of the two-part DVD “Cats of Rome” that I bought at the Torre Argentinain Rome. I have yet to see part two, but if it is as good as part one, I will not be disappointed. Part one is filled with footage of Roman (stray) cats and the people that help them. I had to cry about seven times while watching it, because there are a lot of sad stories. But, because the footage of the cats is so cool, I laughed even more! The documentary is not a totally professional production, but it is edited very nicely, has a great narrator, and is definitely worth checking out if you love cats. And all proceeds go to the Torre Argentina cat shelter. What is not to like?


Lately, I have become more and more aggravated with people around me. It may sound like a pet peeve, and maybe it is, but I really hate it when people leave a room and leave the lights on. Just turn them off! I mean, come on, would it kill you to flick that switch? I really think that when everyone just pays a little attention to turning off the light and appliances, a lot of energy could be saved. I am not a person who is all ecological and sure, I sometimes stand under the hot hot shower (there I go with the shower again!) a little too long, but I try and pay attention to the amount of energy I consume. It is such a small thing to do, and it should be instilled in children from a very early age. Otherwise, I think I will be rowing a boat to work in a couple of years. I know this “turn off the lights” thing will not solve the energy crisis, but you have to start somewhere. At least, that’s what I think, but when I look around me, I think a lot of people don’t give a crap and maybe they are right. I am not ready just yet to become as cynical and / or defeatist as them!

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