Weekend at “home” and music tips

I had a really great time last weekend! I went to my mothers in the city where I grew up. Every time I go there, I am reminded how nice it is to be “home”. Amsterdam is beautiful and all, but when I go down south to visit my family and friends I notice how different it is. It’s lovely! And they have some pretty cool cats roaming in my moms backyard.

Our neighbour cat Shadow. He’s very shy and easily scared. But since I am very patient, he decided petting was in the cards:

Shadow ignoring me
I’m not interested thank you very much


If you want to
If you say petting is nice, I’ll try it, if you must

Tummy pet
Ah yes, I see your point!

There was another cat on a balcony staring at me while enjoying the sun. He has a strange face, my boyfriend called him the Jack Nicholson of cats:

Head tilt


Sunny cat

That last picture is just ridiculous. I love it! And he does really seem to look like Jack…

Jack Nicholson


Tomorrow I’m going to a concert by Jools Holland. That will be an evening filled with me dancing and boogying and really enjoying myself. I love his music: it’s fun, old school rhythm-and-blues and the live band is awesome.

Right now I’m also loving Amy Winehouse’ album Back to Black. It’s a great tribute to old soul music, check it out!

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