Invisible stuff ‘n cats + Comic Relief

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 There are tons of cat pictures to be found on the internet, and there has been a long trend of putting sentences and captions with them. I do think that cat pictures are usually more funny without any words or sentences, but sometimes it does work. One of my favourite ‘categories’ are pictures of cats that seem to be on or holding something invisible. And to prevent spoiling this post by explaining why I find it funny:

Invisible bike
The classic!

Invisible sanwich

Invisible roller coaster

Invisible accordion

Invisible chair
Invisible chair (no idea where the caption in the picture went!)

Invisible dunk

Invisible microphone

Invisible racehorse

Invisible violin


It’s Comic Relief time again in Great Britain! This is the time when the Brits show that they have a great sense of humour and are not afraid to use it to raise money and awareness of the almots hopeless poverty around the world. There are tons of there incentives worldwide, but I think that those things are usually quite cheesy and do not come across at all. For instance, it is quite standard in these shows for celebs to poke fun of themselves. Mostly, that is not very funny, but this sketch with Ricky Gervais and others (I will nog mention who they are, that’s half the joke) made me laugh! And it’s nice to see that Tony Blair makes the best of his last months as PM.

6 Responses to “Invisible stuff ‘n cats + Comic Relief”

  1. De Splinter Says:

    That’s not a cat without a chair, but a cat without a really old-fashioned car. 🙂

  2. whenlifegivesyoulemons Says:

    Those are funny! Cool “invisibles.”

  3. menni Says:

    And of course only for the biggest cat freaks, there are the invisible cat pics. They’re EVERYWHERE!

  4. catsnstuff Says:

    And they produce inaudible MIAUWWW’s.

  5. pohlse Says:

    Those are great!

  6. catsnstuff Says:

    Thanks pohlse! I added the tag name invisibles so that people can see all my posts with ‘Invisible’ captions at once. I’ll be posting one again soon!

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