Attack mode + restaurant cat + SM cat

I went to a birthday recently, and the best thing aside from the excellent pastries were the two cats that were there. One of the cats was very playful, and I made some nice action shots of the cat in attack mode:

Billie attacks!

You can imagine the tails wagging and the anticipating butt waggle of this kitty. I have no idea how to explain that this cats do just before they attack in any better words…

Billie with pastry on her head

The white blob on Billie’s face is a piece of pastry my dad accidentally dropped on her head. She ate it with pleasure!

The other cat found the whole party to be quite a nuisance. Check out her expression, it spells doom!

Souira hating the party

I hate this party!
“I hate this party!”


Tonight, I went out to dinner with one of my favourite old colleagues. She knows I’m a sucker for good food and cats, and the restaurant we went to had both! The kitty decided my lap was a good spot for some sleepin’ and cuddlin’:


Smiling cat

Bag lady cat

Apparently, all cats love bags and coats. This one almost climbed in my purse! I think all the smells from other cats and other interesting thing has a huge attraction, because all kitties always fall asleep on my bag and/or coat. Maybe a trip to the dry cleaners is not a bad idea…


This cat on YouTube loves to get spanked. SM kitty alert!


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