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Arie + new cat sighting + herons

April 25, 2007

I have posted some pictures of my favorite cat Arie a few times, and it is time for a follow up. Arie has the annoying habit of sleeping on top of the pillows on his owners couch. It drives her crazy, because the pillows become shapeless and saggy, but Arie is not to be deterred.

Don’t disturb the couch-sagging master
“Yes, I’m totally ruining the pillows, what’s it to you?”

Happy sleeping 1
“Aahh, sweet couch”



I was visiting a shop yesterday where I saw the prettiest dress ever and drooling at it’s sight, when I saw a cute old cat a couple of feet away. He didn’t quite know if he was happy to see me or not.

Washing cat
“Lap-lap-lap, I don’t hear that girl calling me at all”

Why hello there!
“Why hello there, how nice to see you!”

Or maybe not
“Well, maybe not that nice”

Why hello there, again
“Or maybe it is. Hello again!”

I saw him again today when I went back to buy the dress I coveted so much. He’ll become a regular on Cats ‘n Stuff I think!


The last couple of years, herons have begun spreading throughout Amsterdam. They are rude and obnoxious, and look as if they might pick your eyes out at any moment. Here are two having a Once-upon-a-time-in-the-West-like stare-down.

Herons 1

Herons 2
Charles Bronson heron

Herons 3
Henry Fonda heron


Ignored by cat part 2 + crebes + plane stripes

April 21, 2007

Yesterday, my mom and I went to Breda, a very nice city in Holland. We visited two very nice men that have a small travel agency, Tunafish, who have helped us find the cheapest tickets and helped my mom a lot when she was travelling all over the world. Highly recommended! My mom got them a nice big luscious pie to thank them for all their help. And…they had a lovely cat at the office! That of course made me almost happier than the piece of pie (tough call though ;)). His name is Wobbel, and he is almost as good at ignoring people than the cat I posted before.

Wobbel 1
“I vaguely hear someone calling my name”

Wobbel 2
“It’s becoming fainter”

Wobbel 3
“Ignoring is my specialty, you can try all you want”

Wobbel 4
“OK, let’s have a look from the corner of my eye”

Really, I was waving my arms and calling her his (sorry Wobbel!) name like crazy, to almost no avail. I love this cat!

After we left, we walked a bit around Breda and saw these two crebes a-courtin’. Too bad I couldn’t take a picture when they both had their feathery butts in they air while diving, but it was still cute:



People should look up a bit more. You can really see some cool birds or spot some nice details to houses when you look up in the air a bit more. I do it all the time, and last week I saw something really beautiful. You know when planes leave a big stripe in the air that looks like it just took a cloud sh*t? Well, sometimes the conditions are such that the stripes stay there for a long time, and since Amsterdam is close to a big airport, it provided quite a spectacle.

Plane stripes 1

Plane stripes 2

Plane stripes 3

Plane stripes 4

And now for some cappuccino…

Just some funny pictures

April 12, 2007

A short post today, but sure to make someone smile.

One very floofy bunny that I saw on Cute overload:


And a picture of a cat with very ominous thoughts:



Stalker cat + Veluwe + Mid-midlife crisis

April 9, 2007

My boyfriend and I always love walking through my neighbourhood in Amsterdam, because there are almost always some cats on the streets or sitting in front of a window. About a week ago we saw a cat that was so cute and cuddly that we decided to hang out with her a little bit. When we were leaving, we found out that this calico kitty was quite hard to shake off!

Tortoiseshell cat 1
“I am not interested in your attention, really”

Tortoiseshell cat 2
“What, are you leaving?”

Tortoiseshell cat 3
“Wait for me!”

Tortoiseshell cat 4
“Well hurry up, I need some petting”

Tortoiseshell cat 5
“Resume petting process”

Tortoiseshell cat 6
“I’ll see you guys around, okay?”

Since she belongs to a restaurant close to my house, I will definitely drop by to see her again!


This weekend, my boyfriend and I spent a wonderful relaxing weekend on The Veluwe. It is one of the most beautiful nature areas in The Netherlands, with a diverse landscape and animal population.

Six feet under tree
Kind of like the Six Feet Under tree!

Horse in a puddle
Horse chilling in a puddle

Clear skies

Scared stiff
This cat was scared stiff when we saw him. He did not move an inch until my boyfriend started laughing so loud because of his scared expression, and he bolted away like there was no tomorrow.

One of the funniest things we saw were a couple of male turkeys strutting around and demonstrating their feathers. I think turkeys look very weird, almost like something a mad scientist concocted:

Turkey-off 1

Turkey-off 2

Turkey-off 3

White turkey: 1 – Brown turkey: 0


I wonder if it is possible to have a mid-midlife crisis. I feel like it is something me and a whole lot of my friends are experiencing. What does Wikipedia say about midlife crisis?

“It commonly involves reflection on what the individual has done with his or her life up to that point, often with feelings that not enough was accomplished. The individuals experiencing such may feel boredom with their lives, jobs, or their partners, and may feel a strong desire to make changes in these areas. […] The condition is most common ranging from the ages of 35-50, and affects men and women differently. Mid life crises last about 3-10 years in men and 2-5 years in women, but length may vary in some people.”

I feel like most of the people I know of my age (25) are already having an unhealthy knack for staring into the future and guessing what life will be like in 10 years. Are we making the right career choices, is the partner we are with right now “good enough” in ten years, will we be happy with what we have now in the coming years? We are already worrying about what our life will be like when we hit the midlife crisis years. We should collectively stop it right now because:

a) It is ruining our enjoyment of our time right now.
b) Things hardly ever go as you expect them to, so why worry about something that will probably not happen.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with thinking about life and how it might be, but there is no shame in taking it a little bit more easy. And that goes for my good old self especially! Now if I could put into practice what I know is the best thing, I would be very happy indeed.

Paws up + What’s up with that

April 3, 2007

This weekend, I helped a friend of mine move. She found a nice room in another city than were she was living, which is good, because the town were she lived was very very boring. Whilst I was carrying boxes and clumsily scraping my arms against some pretty sharp walls I saw this tomcat staring at my antics:

Paws up 1
Check out the paws up action of the kitty!

Paws up 2
More paws up

Paws up 3
“You are a disturbance to my peeking through your windows!”


When I was returning after helping moving I was sitting in the train reading the lovely A Walk in the Woods by Mr. Bill Bryson (I love him!), two guys were listening to some music. Fine with me, but they were listening to it from their mobile phone, for all our enjoyment. I have seen that a lot lately, people walking on the street or on public transport, listening to music blaring from their mobiles like it is a) a ghetto blaster and b) normal!!! I absolutely hate it, hate it very very much. Why on earth do you want to bother me with your music. So I decided to ask them why they were playing it. They were very defensive and remarked very astutely: “Well, I don’t want you reading that book”. Yes, a great comparison indeed. But after talking to them for a little bit they calmed down and were very nice to me. They even turned off the phone and gave me a handshake goodbye. And even while the next time I confront people with something I could just as well be stabbed in the face, I felt really good afterwards! Too bad it doesn’t change the trend that I hate so very much…