Paws up + What’s up with that

This weekend, I helped a friend of mine move. She found a nice room in another city than were she was living, which is good, because the town were she lived was very very boring. Whilst I was carrying boxes and clumsily scraping my arms against some pretty sharp walls I saw this tomcat staring at my antics:

Paws up 1
Check out the paws up action of the kitty!

Paws up 2
More paws up

Paws up 3
“You are a disturbance to my peeking through your windows!”


When I was returning after helping moving I was sitting in the train reading the lovely A Walk in the Woods by Mr. Bill Bryson (I love him!), two guys were listening to some music. Fine with me, but they were listening to it from their mobile phone, for all our enjoyment. I have seen that a lot lately, people walking on the street or on public transport, listening to music blaring from their mobiles like it is a) a ghetto blaster and b) normal!!! I absolutely hate it, hate it very very much. Why on earth do you want to bother me with your music. So I decided to ask them why they were playing it. They were very defensive and remarked very astutely: “Well, I don’t want you reading that book”. Yes, a great comparison indeed. But after talking to them for a little bit they calmed down and were very nice to me. They even turned off the phone and gave me a handshake goodbye. And even while the next time I confront people with something I could just as well be stabbed in the face, I felt really good afterwards! Too bad it doesn’t change the trend that I hate so very much…

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