Ignored by cat part 2 + crebes + plane stripes

Yesterday, my mom and I went to Breda, a very nice city in Holland. We visited two very nice men that have a small travel agency, Tunafish, who have helped us find the cheapest tickets and helped my mom a lot when she was travelling all over the world. Highly recommended! My mom got them a nice big luscious pie to thank them for all their help. And…they had a lovely cat at the office! That of course made me almost happier than the piece of pie (tough call though ;)). His name is Wobbel, and he is almost as good at ignoring people than the cat I posted before.

Wobbel 1
“I vaguely hear someone calling my name”

Wobbel 2
“It’s becoming fainter”

Wobbel 3
“Ignoring is my specialty, you can try all you want”

Wobbel 4
“OK, let’s have a look from the corner of my eye”

Really, I was waving my arms and calling her his (sorry Wobbel!) name like crazy, to almost no avail. I love this cat!

After we left, we walked a bit around Breda and saw these two crebes a-courtin’. Too bad I couldn’t take a picture when they both had their feathery butts in they air while diving, but it was still cute:



People should look up a bit more. You can really see some cool birds or spot some nice details to houses when you look up in the air a bit more. I do it all the time, and last week I saw something really beautiful. You know when planes leave a big stripe in the air that looks like it just took a cloud sh*t? Well, sometimes the conditions are such that the stripes stay there for a long time, and since Amsterdam is close to a big airport, it provided quite a spectacle.

Plane stripes 1

Plane stripes 2

Plane stripes 3

Plane stripes 4

And now for some cappuccino…


3 Responses to “Ignored by cat part 2 + crebes + plane stripes”

  1. seventeenosix Says:

    Nice cat … i love it … how old is he ?

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    Hi there! I believe she is 11-12 years old :).

  3. catsnstuff Says:

    Excuse me, Wobbel is a he!

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