Arie + new cat sighting + herons

I have posted some pictures of my favorite cat Arie a few times, and it is time for a follow up. Arie has the annoying habit of sleeping on top of the pillows on his owners couch. It drives her crazy, because the pillows become shapeless and saggy, but Arie is not to be deterred.

Don’t disturb the couch-sagging master
“Yes, I’m totally ruining the pillows, what’s it to you?”

Happy sleeping 1
“Aahh, sweet couch”



I was visiting a shop yesterday where I saw the prettiest dress ever and drooling at it’s sight, when I saw a cute old cat a couple of feet away. He didn’t quite know if he was happy to see me or not.

Washing cat
“Lap-lap-lap, I don’t hear that girl calling me at all”

Why hello there!
“Why hello there, how nice to see you!”

Or maybe not
“Well, maybe not that nice”

Why hello there, again
“Or maybe it is. Hello again!”

I saw him again today when I went back to buy the dress I coveted so much. He’ll become a regular on Cats ‘n Stuff I think!


The last couple of years, herons have begun spreading throughout Amsterdam. They are rude and obnoxious, and look as if they might pick your eyes out at any moment. Here are two having a Once-upon-a-time-in-the-West-like stare-down.

Herons 1

Herons 2
Charles Bronson heron

Herons 3
Henry Fonda heron



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