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Cats I disturbed + Jackdaw

May 31, 2007

About a week ago, I was walking about and I saw so many cats that I had to stop every fifty yards to take pictures. Well…I didn’t have to, but I did. Usually, I have a little cuddle if I can, but these cats were not to be disturbed (or reached to be honest).

This cat kind of lives in a cookery store, and no matter how I tapped the windows, there was no reaction. Maybe he was deaf, or just plain ignoring me. My cat-experience sensors tell me it was the latter…

070517 Kat in etalage, Haarlemmerdijk 1
“Lalalalala, I’m not listening!”

This lovely pair were on opposing ends of a balcony staring into the distance.

070517 Katten op balkon, Vinkenstraat 2

When I caught their attention, they looked very disturbed.

070517 Katten op balkon, Vinkenstraat 5
“What in the world…”

 070517 Katten op balkon, Vinkenstraat 7

Well, that did not go too well. The next black and white cat wasn’t telling me to hit the road, but just ignored me. That how I like it!

07052770524 Zwarte kat met witte bef, Egelantiersgracht 1

070524 Zwarte kat met witte bef, Egelantiersgracht 2

070524 Zwarte kat met witte bef, Egelantiersgracht 5


I’m loving birds more and more, because of their “You can’t make me do anything because I can fly” attitude. This jackdaw who was trying to steal my lunch on  a bike trip mastered this attitude to perfection:

070520 Kauw bij Abcoude 2
“Your foodsez look very nice.”

070520 Kauw bij Abcoude
“See ya sucker!”

Arie and Bernard + fake Roefes and friend

May 26, 2007

Just an ordinary post with some cute and funny pictures. The first batch I made when Arie and Bernard were enjoying a good ‘ol cat nap together:

070513 Arie en Ber op bank 1

And an honorary tribute to the C.O.X.C.O. Check out an example.

07052570513 Arie en Ber op bank 1 - voetjes

070513 Arie en Ber op bank 2
“Bernard’s ear is kind of annoying …zzz…”

070513 Arie en Ber op bank 3

Say it with me: “Awwwww”.


I was walking around, and like I always do, I spotted a cat. In fact, there were two, playing with each other. The grey kitty looks very surprised at nothing, like cats tend to do.

070517 Grijze kat verbaasd
“Wow, check it out! I totally see something that is not there!”

The cat that he was playing was kind of looks like Roefes from this angle:

070517 Nep Roefes 1

070517 Nep Roefes 2
“You have got to be kidding me.”

070517 Nep Roefes 3

Stats rule part 2: they can be puzzling

May 18, 2007

Ok, as I posted a while back, I love statistics and little quaint facts. Well, I was in for a real treat just now when I was checking how people end up on my puny blog. I looked at the search engine terms people used, and I found the usual “invisible cats”, “cats invisible everything”, “tortoiseshell cats”. Fine and dandy, these people should feel happy to find this site and all the cats pictures and links. One person however must have been sorely disappointed, for he or she was looking for “guys putting stuff in their butts images”. I must say, for someone looking for quite graphic, hardcore images, the word “butt” seems relatively well-mannered…

Disapproving rabbit eating like crazy!

May 17, 2007

I have never had a cat as a pet (or should I say, a cat has never had me as a pet), but I once was the proud owner of a lovely bunny. Since I was little, I have loves rabbits almost as much as that, also because they can look just as cranky as cats! Well, thank the heavens for the internets, because you can find people who have the same sense of humour. Sharon, a.k.a. Birdchick has a part of her blog devoted to disapproving rabbits . Her bun Cinnamon makes for a lot of hilarious moments, and this video really cracked me up.


Roefes returns + new cats + artwork to ponder

May 15, 2007

A few months ago, I posted some very nice pictures of Roefes, a cat that I cat-sit for every once in a while. I saw him again to see how he was doing after he was neutered. Yes, Roefes will not have any babies unfortunately, but there are enough kittens in my opinion. Anyhow, he seemed kind of slow (maybe a little hungover from the anesthesia), but it made for some nice pictures.

Roefes on chair 2
“What, no little Roefeses?!”

Roefes on chair 1


And now for some random cats I saw the last couple of days. This one looks like the “Dude, wait, what…” cat.

Red tomcat Tuinstraat, 1

Dude wait what

The cat below was sitting next to me in a restaurant. He seemed to like the company, but looked very disturbed most of the time. Look at that right ear go way back. He is so annoyed by my attentions :).

Red tomcat in restaurant

Last but not least: check out this cute tortoiseshell cat. She almost looks in love with me!

Cute tortoise cat IJburg 1

Cute tortoise cat IJburg 2


I love art that makes you think and the “Running the Numbers” series by Chris Jordan did it for me. I am someone that is trying to conserve energy and save resources all the time, and seeing the overwhelming stuff that we use every minute or second in pictures really hits home. Images really are stronger than words in this regard I think, and it’s important to ponder a little bit about these things.

Just some new cats (and one dog!)

May 3, 2007

The weather in Holland has been amazing the last couple of weeks. I’m enjoying the sun as much as I can, and as a consequence, I see a lot of cats! I had seen the one below a lot of times, but this is the first time that I was able to catch him on camera. He’s very shy for a cat that lives in a bar.

Bar cat 1
“Is the coast clear?”

Bar cat 2
“It’s her again. Ok, get this picture over with”

Another cat I saw was pitch black with the most beautiful whiskers.

Zwart met witte snorharen, Egelantiersstraat 1
“Hey, you, check out my cool whiskers”

Zwart met witte snorharen, Egelantiersstraat 2

The last kitty I cought on camera was in heat or something, because she kept purring and giving her scent to everything around her.

Bruine streep met wit 1

Bruine streep met wit 2
“Hello bike, I must give you my scent”

Bruine streep met wit 3
“Almost missed a spot”

Bruine streep met wit 4
“Man, I sure love bikes”

Bruine streep met wit 5
“Bike, will you marry me?”


Last Monday, it was Queen’s Day in Holland. This means people dress up in orange clothes, drink beer and have a good time. There are people everywhere selling old crap they don’t want anymore, and I don’t think the crap has changed over the years. Old diet books, or books about MS DOS, toys, incomplete puzzles. There’s music and good food everywhere as well, so naturally Queen’s day is one of my favourite days of the year.

Queen’s day dog
“I love Queen’s dayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”