Just some new cats (and one dog!)

The weather in Holland has been amazing the last couple of weeks. I’m enjoying the sun as much as I can, and as a consequence, I see a lot of cats! I had seen the one below a lot of times, but this is the first time that I was able to catch him on camera. He’s very shy for a cat that lives in a bar.

Bar cat 1
“Is the coast clear?”

Bar cat 2
“It’s her again. Ok, get this picture over with”

Another cat I saw was pitch black with the most beautiful whiskers.

Zwart met witte snorharen, Egelantiersstraat 1
“Hey, you, check out my cool whiskers”

Zwart met witte snorharen, Egelantiersstraat 2

The last kitty I cought on camera was in heat or something, because she kept purring and giving her scent to everything around her.

Bruine streep met wit 1

Bruine streep met wit 2
“Hello bike, I must give you my scent”

Bruine streep met wit 3
“Almost missed a spot”

Bruine streep met wit 4
“Man, I sure love bikes”

Bruine streep met wit 5
“Bike, will you marry me?”


Last Monday, it was Queen’s Day in Holland. This means people dress up in orange clothes, drink beer and have a good time. There are people everywhere selling old crap they don’t want anymore, and I don’t think the crap has changed over the years. Old diet books, or books about MS DOS, toys, incomplete puzzles. There’s music and good food everywhere as well, so naturally Queen’s day is one of my favourite days of the year.

Queen’s day dog
“I love Queen’s dayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”


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