Roefes returns + new cats + artwork to ponder

A few months ago, I posted some very nice pictures of Roefes, a cat that I cat-sit for every once in a while. I saw him again to see how he was doing after he was neutered. Yes, Roefes will not have any babies unfortunately, but there are enough kittens in my opinion. Anyhow, he seemed kind of slow (maybe a little hungover from the anesthesia), but it made for some nice pictures.

Roefes on chair 2
“What, no little Roefeses?!”

Roefes on chair 1


And now for some random cats I saw the last couple of days. This one looks like the “Dude, wait, what…” cat.

Red tomcat Tuinstraat, 1

Dude wait what

The cat below was sitting next to me in a restaurant. He seemed to like the company, but looked very disturbed most of the time. Look at that right ear go way back. He is so annoyed by my attentions :).

Red tomcat in restaurant

Last but not least: check out this cute tortoiseshell cat. She almost looks in love with me!

Cute tortoise cat IJburg 1

Cute tortoise cat IJburg 2


I love art that makes you think and the “Running the Numbers” series by Chris Jordan did it for me. I am someone that is trying to conserve energy and save resources all the time, and seeing the overwhelming stuff that we use every minute or second in pictures really hits home. Images really are stronger than words in this regard I think, and it’s important to ponder a little bit about these things.

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