Cats I disturbed + Jackdaw

About a week ago, I was walking about and I saw so many cats that I had to stop every fifty yards to take pictures. Well…I didn’t have to, but I did. Usually, I have a little cuddle if I can, but these cats were not to be disturbed (or reached to be honest).

This cat kind of lives in a cookery store, and no matter how I tapped the windows, there was no reaction. Maybe he was deaf, or just plain ignoring me. My cat-experience sensors tell me it was the latter…

070517 Kat in etalage, Haarlemmerdijk 1
“Lalalalala, I’m not listening!”

This lovely pair were on opposing ends of a balcony staring into the distance.

070517 Katten op balkon, Vinkenstraat 2

When I caught their attention, they looked very disturbed.

070517 Katten op balkon, Vinkenstraat 5
“What in the world…”

 070517 Katten op balkon, Vinkenstraat 7

Well, that did not go too well. The next black and white cat wasn’t telling me to hit the road, but just ignored me. That how I like it!

07052770524 Zwarte kat met witte bef, Egelantiersgracht 1

070524 Zwarte kat met witte bef, Egelantiersgracht 2

070524 Zwarte kat met witte bef, Egelantiersgracht 5


I’m loving birds more and more, because of their “You can’t make me do anything because I can fly” attitude. This jackdaw who was trying to steal my lunch on  a bike trip mastered this attitude to perfection:

070520 Kauw bij Abcoude 2
“Your foodsez look very nice.”

070520 Kauw bij Abcoude
“See ya sucker!”

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