‘Hit the road’ cat returns + weekend pics

So, I had a very busy weekend. I went to a friend in Utrecht to chill out, which worked out really well! Always so nice to have people around you that totally get you, even when you’re a bit grumpy. Yes, I was in a bad mood, what is it to ya! Guess I still am a little bit, but there were a few things that made me laugh and that are too good not to put on the internets.

First of all, on my way to the railway station, I ran into the ‘hit the road, annoying person’ cat again. And yet again, eye contact was not in the cards. I am really appreciating this cat more and more.

070602 Reprise zwarte kat met witte bef, Egelantiersgracht 1
“OK, don’t move…she’s looking”

070602 Reprise zwarte kat met witte bef, Egelantiersgracht 2
“Just keep ignoring her, it will be over soon”

070602 Reprise zwarte kat met witte bef, Egelantiersgracht 4
“For crying out loud, I can’t sit this unnaturally forever”

070602 Reprise zwarte kat met witte bef, Egelantiersgracht 5
“Better position to sit in to commence ignoring process”


In Utrecht, me and my friend had a stroll through a park, and on our way we saw a coot family. I don’t really like the little buggers, because they always make so much noise that they wake me up at night. Right now, all coots have chicks, and my o my, they can scream.

070531 Meerkoet familie, Utrecht 1

070531 Meerkoet familie, Utrecht 3

You can almost hear them scream just looking at the pictures

In the park, we saw a cat sitting at the edge, close to the water. Not a very spectacular pic, but the look that says ‘get outta my face’ is good enough to post it anyway.

070531 Zwart witte kat, Utrecht, fort Lunetten 1

Well, with a little imagination, you can see it.

My friend has a neighbour cat that visits him every night. Since it’s a very shy cat, I think I scared the crap out of him:

070531 Grijze kat, Utrecht, bij Mike, 1

070531 Grijze kat, Utrecht, bij Mike, 4

Apparently, he sits on this ledge every night, staring in the darkness. He kept it up for about half an hour, even when I was tapping the window.


After Utrecht, I went to Amersfoort for a good days shopping. I only scored one nice vest, so the shopping was a slight disappointment, but this tortoiseshell cat made up for it!

070601 Lapjeskat, Amersfoort 2

I’m not really sure why, but this last pic really cracks me up.

070601 Lapjeskat, Amersfoort 1


And I was off again, to Eindhoven. I was there to help one of my friend move out. It was a bit sad, since I moved her out of the house she bought with her boyfriend. It didn’t work out, so she had to get a place of her own. Their cat was very confused and didn’t understand what was going on. The look on his face is really heartbreaking.

070602 Kat Lieve bij verhuizing 3

070602 Kat Lieve bij verhuizing 1


To end on a high note, here is a picture that made me laugh out loud more than one time!



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