I was walking to the train station this weekend, when I spotted a very lazy and cute red tomcat sprawled on the sidewalk. I was reaching in my bag for my camera, which is always at the ready to make cat pictures, when I saw something. There was a woman kneeling in front of the cat and taking pictures of him! Cleary, she has the same affliction as me, that means she HAS to take a picture of a feline that crosses her path. It was a bit surreal, because I finally realised how I must look while crouching in the middle of the street for my cat fix.

My imagination took off, and I imagined that she must have a cat blog as well. She might be an emotional doppelgänger! I wanted to ask her questions and find out more, but I was a bit too shy and had a train to catch. Next time, I’ll find out.

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