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Lots of new kitties and some birds

July 31, 2007

Finally, I have gathered enough nice pictures for a full blown cat post again! And a lot of classic ignoring cats at that. Par example:

Not looking!

Emty stare
“I’m so not looking at you”

“Chillin on my car, lalala”

What the...!
“Huh whah”

“Let me try a staredown to get rid of this nuisance”

“Nope nothing, back to ignoring then”

 This brown striped / white cat has the evil not-looking-at-you-but-secretly-I-am stare down to a T:

This red cat is one of my favourites. I wrote about him before, but I can’t find it right now. He’s always outside and tolerates my presence (barely though).

“You’re still here then…Well, ok”

This peacock was walking around happily in The Efteling, the cutest, nicest amusement park of The Netherlands. I think he was happy because he was looking threatening and ready to pop your eye out with his beak in one swift motion, but doesn’t he look pretty (he really scared me).

And this duck sure loved the camera:

“Check out my fluffy duck-‘tocks.”

Cool use of editing – Amateur

July 24, 2007

I know it has been more stuff than cats recently, but I promise to post a couple of nice cat entries in the near future. I wanted to share this little gem of a video that displays the magic of editing to sound beautifully. It is called “Amateur” and it’s made by filmmaker Lasse Gjertsen from Norway. Hope you like…

A present..for me? Thanks me!

July 20, 2007

Totally impulsively, I decided to buy one of my favourite things from my favourite person of all time yesterday. I’ll give you a moment to guess





Yes! The Life Collection 24 disc box set from Sir David Attenborough. He and the lovely production people and researchers have made so many great nature documentaries I can hardly stand it. And now a large chunk of it will be mine! Since I love watching those documentaries over and over and over again I’ll be quite busy; there’s over 4300 minutes of material in this holiest of box sets. If I don’t post that much the coming week, you can find me at my mailbox camping out for when the delivery man comes. Wheeeeeyy!

Cats ‘n windows – part 1

July 17, 2007

Lately, I have been shamelessly taking pictures of cats that are sitting in windows. Behind glass. In their houses. I really feel like a stalker and/or social deviant when I invade peoples privacy, but I wouldn’t feel compelled to do if they didn’t have such nice cats. So essentially it’s their own fault.

And now, the result of my bad behaviour:

My neighbour cats always come up to the window when I pass it.

“Whaddaya want now neighbour, a cup of sugar?”

This grey cat looked at me for one second, and never looked back:

Getting in touch with your inner lion.

“O, come on, leave me be.”

These last cat pictures were taken with permission of the owner, so no privacy violations here! Although Mimi looks like she has never had something this awful happen to her. Ever.

“OMG, I’m soooo uncomfortables.”

Even or oneven numbers – alphabet

July 15, 2007

I recently got an e-mail from a friend of mine, asking me what I thought was the nicest letter in the alphabet. An excellent question of course, so I started saying the alphabet out loud, and concluded that the G, K, R and V are the best ones (the V being the ultimate one). This is of course totally irrational, and therefore, fun!

Linked to this feeling for letters, is that I don’t like even numbers. The 2 is just vile, and I love 9 the best, followed by the 5, which should never be underestimated. The G, K, R and V have that nice uneven vibe about them!

Am I right or wrong, anybody out there that just love the L and the number two (cuckoo, I say)?

My room is an insect paradise

July 13, 2007

Last week my room seems to have been infected by some sort of insect plague. One day I opened my closet and a moth came flying out. I can already see the little basterd laughing and rubbing his yucky little legs together while gnawing away at my favourite dress. He soon met his death, so there. Unfortunately, his cousins decided to have a nice binge in my food cabinet, so I had to throw away some lovely pasta, risotto and herbs, because they were feasting in is. Herbs, really? They eat anything apparently.

With that infestation out of the way, I thought I would be safe. Well, I soon found out I had to think again. When I came home the evening after the great moth scare of 2007 and was checking my mail (real, not e-mail) a gianth son-of-a-bitch moth came flying towards me. And I’m not talking about those little evildoers that ate my clothes and food. A huge one, that I swear was eyeballing me like this, and with revenge for the death of his little siblings on his mind:

It’s huge, a huge moth

He had horrible hairy legs to boot, so I yelped and ran to my room. I was afraid to come out again, because I was sure he was waiting for me with a tiny, if deadly, axe. But my bladder was being a pain in the ass, so I had to overcome my fear of the killer moth and dashed to the bathroom. There was no sight of him, so I went bed to sleep…when I heard him buzzing above my head. BWAAAHHH! He must have slipped in my room after I went to the bathroom to kill me in my sleep. By waving a shawl in his direction to create air streams I managed to direct him to the door (this accompanied by moans of disgust and lots of little girl screams).

Well, then it was quiet for a couple of days, when yesterday a mutant mosquito distured me on the brink of sleep. I say mutant, because the little prick sounded like a helicopter on the verge of crashing. He didn’t buzz normal, but like BZZZzzzrprprprBZZZzzzprprpbrt. Anyway, I turned on the lights to kill him, but when my eyes were accostumed to the light, he was of course nowhere to be found. I have to hand it to mosquitos, there are the best magicians in the world. One moment there are buzzing in your ear, and as soon as you switch on the light, they disappear. A marvel of nature. This disappearing act went on for a bit – light on: silence, light off: buzzing, light on: silence, light off: buzzing.

When I turned on the lights determined not to switch them of until this basterd was dead and buried (read: squashed against my wall), something was flying at me at great speed. And this was no mosquito, this was a horrible nasty fly. Luckily, I remembered the ‘waving the shawl’ trick, as seen in the hairy moth incident. He was soon gone, and when I turned around I saw the mosquito flying over my bed, probably wondering where his dinner had gone. After a small pursuit I managed to finally squat him against my ceiling. His little flat body is still stuck there, reminding me of my victory over all insects.

Invisible stuff ‘n cats – Part three

July 13, 2007

I’ve decided it is time for the latest installment of Invisible stuff ‘n cats (parts one and two). I save them up when I find new ones on I can has Cheezburger? and Kattalogen, and I’ll post them when I feel I have a couple of real gems.







Maybe there are some double entries, but since they rock, who cares!

Holiday in Germany – Misc. animals

July 7, 2007

One of the funniest things me and my boyfriend saw in Germany were the camels in the Karlsruhe Zoo. When we were there, the Zoo was having a spring cleanup and cutting all the trees and mowing the grass and so forth. All the branches and cut grass were piled on a big truck, that was driving through the Zoo. This totally freaked out the camels, so much so even, that they continued to stare in the direction the truck went for about five minutes with a look of total and utter incomprehension: 


Camel CU

We returned to Karlsruhe at the end of the holiday to take the train back to Holland, and on that day, the Natural History Museum had opened its doors to visitors for free. Well, that is something I won’t say no to of course! That, and they also had cheap and good pie for sale, sold by researchers and professors. Anyway, they had a huge collection of bones and stuffed animals, but live ones as well. Their collection of tropical fish is awesome:

Weird fish 1

Weird fish 2

Don Rickles fish
Isn’t this last fish the spitting image of Don Rickles!

Don Rickles

There were also a bunch of reptiles. This pair seemed so in love, lizardy love:

Lizard Love

And what is the best way to end my Holiday in Germany posts? I would say poo and pee jokes never go out of fashion and can be enjoyed by all ages. I can not image that I would be the only one in the world that would find this street name hilarious:


By the way, this is the first time that I’m not uploading the pictures to WordPress, but importing them from Photobucket. If somebody can’t see them, I”ll go back to uploading to WordPress, which in turn will cost me moneyz from then on. So please, see the pictures as I intended and I won’t have to whip out my creditcard.

Holiday in Germany – Birds

July 6, 2007

As promised, another Germany post. This one will feature…birds! Because birds can have the same “you talkin’ to me” attitude that cats have, I consider them very cool as well. Unfortunately, I hardly know any bird names, so forgive me if I get them wrong. This one for instance, looks like a duck, but it was so huge it might as well have been some kind of goose. Anyway, it looks like it doesn’t take crap from anyone, that’s for sure:

Duck / goose 1

Duck / goose 2
“Whassup bitches!”

Duck / goose 3
“Yeah, so it looks like the other bird is pecking my head, whatever”

When we went to the Karlsruhe Zoo, we saw some pretty nice birds as well. The flamingo’s were very pretty, although I felt there wasn’t enough space for them to move about. Still, they were mostly sleeping, so maybe they didn’t mind that much.


The penguins are always a lot of fun. A bunch of them were playing with a rubber ball and performed circus-like acts. This one was jumping of a rock when I took the picture.

Flying penguin

My favourite city birds are sparrows, so they won’t be left out!

Sparrow 1

Sparrow 2

Sparrow 3

Check out the female sparrow hopping! In the next post: the rest of the animal pictures.


July 3, 2007

So, a while ago I read that a museum devoted to Creationism was opened. At first I didn’t quite understand the fuss this caused, but then I learned that Creationism basicly means denying the theory of evolution: “Creationism is the belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and the universe were created in their entirety by a supernatural deity or deities (typically God), whose existence is presupposed“. Usually it means that people believe that the existence of earth and all life on it came about exactly as it says in the Bible, or more specifically, the book of Genesis.

While I’m all for looking at theories from a different perspective, I am shocked that a lot of people in America don’t believe in evolution the way Darwin and Wallace first proposed. With all the education and research and so much information readily available, I think going back in time on a subject like this is puzzling to say the least. There is so much to be said for the Theory of Evolution and no good scientific proof for Creationism that the whole issue is just a bit scary and makes me think good old human reasoning is being abandoned. Even worse, children are being taught Creationism as the only truth about evolution in some schools.

Just as an example: micro-evolution has been proven in fruit flies in laboratories, by putting them in specific circumstances. After a few generations, specific traits become dominant. If this evolution is proven, even though it is in a controlled environment, the conclusion is that it happens in nature as well. And when that is the case, it is not more than pure logic that this bodes for all species. And fruit flies are not alone in evolving specific traits, certain species of finches on the galapagos made Darwin believe that not God, but natural selection and evolution created differences between seemingly similar animals (link to an article on this subject here).

Well, I’m not a great writer, and I don’t feel like writing a whole article. Fortunately, someone else is and did, so for a nice list of answers to Creationists critique on the Theory of evolution, look right here.