So, a while ago I read that a museum devoted to Creationism was opened. At first I didn’t quite understand the fuss this caused, but then I learned that Creationism basicly means denying the theory of evolution: “Creationism is the belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and the universe were created in their entirety by a supernatural deity or deities (typically God), whose existence is presupposed“. Usually it means that people believe that the existence of earth and all life on it came about exactly as it says in the Bible, or more specifically, the book of Genesis.

While I’m all for looking at theories from a different perspective, I am shocked that a lot of people in America don’t believe in evolution the way Darwin and Wallace first proposed. With all the education and research and so much information readily available, I think going back in time on a subject like this is puzzling to say the least. There is so much to be said for the Theory of Evolution and no good scientific proof for Creationism that the whole issue is just a bit scary and makes me think good old human reasoning is being abandoned. Even worse, children are being taught Creationism as the only truth about evolution in some schools.

Just as an example: micro-evolution has been proven in fruit flies in laboratories, by putting them in specific circumstances. After a few generations, specific traits become dominant. If this evolution is proven, even though it is in a controlled environment, the conclusion is that it happens in nature as well. And when that is the case, it is not more than pure logic that this bodes for all species. And fruit flies are not alone in evolving specific traits, certain species of finches on the galapagos made Darwin believe that not God, but natural selection and evolution created differences between seemingly similar animals (link to an article on this subject here).

Well, I’m not a great writer, and I don’t feel like writing a whole article. Fortunately, someone else is and did, so for a nice list of answers to Creationists critique on the Theory of evolution, look right here.

One Response to “Creationism”

  1. eanes Says:

    I’ve always thought that the “Creation” museum, as well as the whole “theory of Intelligent Design” is by nature not scientific– even though it claims to be so– because it begins with a conclusion (namely, that God created everything as is, and that Evolution is wrong) and then works backward, looking for evidence to support said conclusion.

    When evidence supports evolution, they often will use the whole “scientists are biased” argument, or something similar. I have had a number of conversations with this guy who believes in Creationism, and on the one hand he is willing to use scientific “evidence” to “prove” his position, but on the other hand he claims to eschew science whenever I present evidence that contradicts him.

    In sum, the whole thing just smacks of intelletual dishonesty.

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