Holiday in Germany – cats

So, at long last I’m posting my Germany pictures this week. We saw a bunch of cats, so without further ado, here they are.

 The first two cats are technically not spotted in Germany, bus on my way to the station. The red one is a very cute cat, that I almost took home one day, but then I realized that you can’t really do that of course. I have talked to the person that takes care of him now though, and it turns out this cat is a stray, that just moves from house to house. So technically, I could take him! For now, he is happy with the current owner though.

Red stray 2
“Pet me and take me home.”

Red stray 3
“What do you mean that’s not right!”

Red stray 1
“Come on, just for one night.”

Red stray 4
“You will succumb to my bedroom eyes.”

This black and white cat is very shy, but cute!

Black and white cat, Singel

This is the first cat me and my boyfriend saw in Germany. I only have only one good shot, because I was laughing to hard at his obvious chagrin of our arrival.

Black cat Germany

This cat without a tail has a wonderful face, and looked peeved all the time. He was a sweetheart though.

Cat no tail 1

Cat no tail 2

Cat no tail weird

I have no idea what happened with the last pic. My Memory Stick decided to scramble some photo’s made days apart. You can see a big cuckoo clock above the cat, very strange. But still, it looks kind of cool.

This black, scruffy number was chasing mice in a field somewhere, and I think we kind of scared of his dinner. The look of dismay is wonderful.

Black cat in field
“Well thank you very, very much for chasing that succulent fat mouse.”

This last one was a lovely cat in a hotel in Baden-Baden, that preferred to greet us before he ate his dinner that was readily available. Well I never…

Black and white hotel cat 1

Black and white hotel cat 2

There were two other cats that I caught on camera, but they are not very sharp unfortunately. But not to worry, there is a post coming with other animals besides cats which will prove to be very good, I think.


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