Holiday in Germany – Birds

As promised, another Germany post. This one will feature…birds! Because birds can have the same “you talkin’ to me” attitude that cats have, I consider them very cool as well. Unfortunately, I hardly know any bird names, so forgive me if I get them wrong. This one for instance, looks like a duck, but it was so huge it might as well have been some kind of goose. Anyway, it looks like it doesn’t take crap from anyone, that’s for sure:

Duck / goose 1

Duck / goose 2
“Whassup bitches!”

Duck / goose 3
“Yeah, so it looks like the other bird is pecking my head, whatever”

When we went to the Karlsruhe Zoo, we saw some pretty nice birds as well. The flamingo’s were very pretty, although I felt there wasn’t enough space for them to move about. Still, they were mostly sleeping, so maybe they didn’t mind that much.


The penguins are always a lot of fun. A bunch of them were playing with a rubber ball and performed circus-like acts. This one was jumping of a rock when I took the picture.

Flying penguin

My favourite city birds are sparrows, so they won’t be left out!

Sparrow 1

Sparrow 2

Sparrow 3

Check out the female sparrow hopping! In the next post: the rest of the animal pictures.


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