Holiday in Germany – Misc. animals

One of the funniest things me and my boyfriend saw in Germany were the camels in the Karlsruhe Zoo. When we were there, the Zoo was having a spring cleanup and cutting all the trees and mowing the grass and so forth. All the branches and cut grass were piled on a big truck, that was driving through the Zoo. This totally freaked out the camels, so much so even, that they continued to stare in the direction the truck went for about five minutes with a look of total and utter incomprehension: 


Camel CU

We returned to Karlsruhe at the end of the holiday to take the train back to Holland, and on that day, the Natural History Museum had opened its doors to visitors for free. Well, that is something I won’t say no to of course! That, and they also had cheap and good pie for sale, sold by researchers and professors. Anyway, they had a huge collection of bones and stuffed animals, but live ones as well. Their collection of tropical fish is awesome:

Weird fish 1

Weird fish 2

Don Rickles fish
Isn’t this last fish the spitting image of Don Rickles!

Don Rickles

There were also a bunch of reptiles. This pair seemed so in love, lizardy love:

Lizard Love

And what is the best way to end my Holiday in Germany posts? I would say poo and pee jokes never go out of fashion and can be enjoyed by all ages. I can not image that I would be the only one in the world that would find this street name hilarious:


By the way, this is the first time that I’m not uploading the pictures to WordPress, but importing them from Photobucket. If somebody can’t see them, I”ll go back to uploading to WordPress, which in turn will cost me moneyz from then on. So please, see the pictures as I intended and I won’t have to whip out my creditcard.


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