Cats ‘n windows – part 1

Lately, I have been shamelessly taking pictures of cats that are sitting in windows. Behind glass. In their houses. I really feel like a stalker and/or social deviant when I invade peoples privacy, but I wouldn’t feel compelled to do if they didn’t have such nice cats. So essentially it’s their own fault.

And now, the result of my bad behaviour:

My neighbour cats always come up to the window when I pass it.

“Whaddaya want now neighbour, a cup of sugar?”

This grey cat looked at me for one second, and never looked back:

Getting in touch with your inner lion.

“O, come on, leave me be.”

These last cat pictures were taken with permission of the owner, so no privacy violations here! Although Mimi looks like she has never had something this awful happen to her. Ever.

“OMG, I’m soooo uncomfortables.”

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