A present..for me? Thanks me!

Totally impulsively, I decided to buy one of my favourite things from my favourite person of all time yesterday. I’ll give you a moment to guess





Yes! The Life Collection 24 disc box set from Sir David Attenborough. He and the lovely production people and researchers have made so many great nature documentaries I can hardly stand it. And now a large chunk of it will be mine! Since I love watching those documentaries over and over and over again I’ll be quite busy; there’s over 4300 minutes of material in this holiest of box sets. If I don’t post that much the coming week, you can find me at my mailbox camping out for when the delivery man comes. Wheeeeeyy!


One Response to “A present..for me? Thanks me!”

  1. menni Says:

    And if you don’t post that much in the weeks after that, the reason will be clear as well ;).

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