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Bernard looks surprised and arrogant

August 30, 2007

One of my favourite cats, Bernard (click on the Arie & Bernard tag to see more of him) can look quite dopey and surpired and extremely cat-like and therefore, arrogant within a timespan of a few minutes.

For example, here are two pictures of him while I’m talking to him: 

Do what now?!
“I took some of them ‘shrooms there yonder. Can you tell?”

“O no he di-hunt!”

I'm so perdy
“You can’t help but fall in love with me when you look in my eyes.”

Player hater
“I’m awesome!”

Invisible stuff ‘n cats – Part four

August 27, 2007

Yes! It’s part four of the invisible stuff ‘n cats run. I’m too lazy to link back to the other three posts, but if you click on the ‘Invisible stuff ‘n cats’ category, they will appear like magic. Enjoy.


Pogoing like Captain Keen

There's gonna be some invisible toothpickin'after this!

It ies .... asseptable

I thought I had posted the last one before, and I did. He’s really a talented cat with invisible stuff. Hope to see him again…

Maine Coon sighting

August 25, 2007

A week ago, I went to see Ratatouille with my boyfriend. An excellent movie, save for the lack of cats of course. Other than that, I was glad to see that Pixar made a really nice film again.

When we walked back home we were lucky enough to spot a really pretty and cool cat, and a Maine Coon to boot! I have a thing for Maine Coon’s for some reason. I think it is their rediculous size and playful and intelligent character. The one we saw was very beautiful, and busy looking at a pigeon and contemplating chasing and eating it I guess. His owner told me he sometimes sped across the street to catch a bird and that he was afraid that at some point, he would be run over or would cause an accident. So I chased the pigeon away. I don’t think the Maine Coon was to happy with that though…

“I will stare the pigeon to death.”

“Excuse me, you chased my pigeon!”

“Look, it’s back. Must…give…chase.”

For realz?!
“Fine, no chase, I won’t be run over *sighs*”

The longest cat in the world is a Maine Coon, according to The Guinness Book of Records. His name is Verismo’s Leonetti Reserve Red a.k.a. Leo. If you convert his length (121,9 cm; 48 in) he would be 2,4 meters tall. That’s as tall as this teddybear:

Tewtally rediculousRedonkulous
*Stares at rediculous picture for a while*


Anyway, this is Leo as a kitten:

Adult Leo:

Imagine Leo jumping on your lap for a cuddle… Medic!

A cat in a window

August 20, 2007

A while ago, I posted Cats ‘n windows – part 1. I feel that Cats in windows should become a whole new category, so in honour of this bold decision, I’ll post a new window cat. And a very pretty and ignoring-y to boot!

The old staring-just-past-me-and-ignoring-me routine

The classic what-the-hell-are-you-looking-at schtick

Looking at my huge feet causes a feline shock…

Ignoring en profile
…from which she never really recovered.

Invisible stuff ‘n cats – Part two

August 13, 2007

Edit: Somehow, this post was lost. The original post was from May 10th, 2007. Check out part 1 and part 3.

A while ago, I posted pictures of cats capped with “Invisible [something]…”. I have found a lot more funny invisibles, so I devote a new post to more of these pictures!

Invisible dryer

Invisible onion and knife

Invisible Family reunion

Invisible motorcross

Invisible handshake

Invisible lawnmower

Invisible everything

I’m sure there will be a part three post with invisible pics in the near future, stay tuned.

Cats in Lunetten – part 4: black & white brothers

August 11, 2007

So this will be the final part of the cat pictures I made in Lunetten. I should move there, I could blog till the end of times I think. And I like the neighbourhood anyways.

The last two cats to feature in this Lunetten run (part o, part 1, part 2, part 3) kind of look like brothers! Both black and white, with white socks and ‘napkins’. The first one was a bit apprehensive about coming up to us, as you can see cleary:

What's going on
“Wheeuhh, what, someone said something?”

“What’s that, that looks like a giant hand.”

Stay still
“Ok, try to ignore the giant hand. It might go away.”

“Well, I’ll just sniff it just like the cat in the Cats in Lunetten – part 1 post”

The other kitty we saw was I think the happiest one I ever met. He kept begging to be petted and when we walked away I thought he was going to follow us to the end of the world. He had really funny eyes, with weird-shaped pupils.

Hello thar
“Nice to see you!”

Close up
“Check out my trapezium shaped left pupil. I rock.”

Lurve petting
“I luurve me some petting!”

Gimme some mo'
“More attention please!”

Shock cat is shocked

Cats in Lunetten – part 3: Eyeliner cat

August 9, 2007

 For parts one and two of the Lunetten cat-catching trip, look here and here.

This whole edition will be devoted to just one cat. Her right eye had a nice eyeliner look and the is totally photogenic. She gave me so many nice pictures that I think could be well captioned by the way (I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? anyone?). When I saw the cat I was sure she wanted to totally and utterly rip me apart:

Eyeliner 1
“Excuse me, what the hell are you looking at?”

Eyeliner 2
“You are making me so mad!”

Eyeliner 3
“Leave me alone, I’m so not looking at you.”

Eyeliner 4
“Still there?! I’m coming to get you!”

Eyeliner 5
“Just kidding, gimme five.”

Eyeliner 6
“Am I not as cute as a button.”

Cute look
“Check out my eyeliner.”

Eyeliner 7
“I luurve the camera!”

Cats in Lunetten – part 2: Tabby time

August 9, 2007

Ok, time for part two of the Lunetten expedition. This one will feature the tabby cats we saw. Unfortunately, the first one I photographed only came out fuzzy because she kept moving so much. *Say in Tyra Banks voice*: “Tabby, this is your best shot.”

Tabby 1

Yes, it’s a bit blurred, but you have got to love the attitude. “Okaaaay, I’ll just move my head to blur the picture a bit and then we can get this over with.”

This next one was chilling under a car. Really, that look defines smugness. I hope his right eye is okay by the way, it looked like he’d hurt it a bit.

Tabby 2.3
“Smuggy McSmuggersons, how do you do? O wait, I don’t care”

Tabby 2.1
“Ignoring your right”

Tabby 2.2
“Ignoring your left”

Sing it with me! “Ignoring on the left, ignoring on the right, by the looks of it, I could do it all night!”

Ignoring lef and right

Cats in Lunetten – part 1

August 7, 2007

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to Utrecht this weekend and saw and photographed loads of cats. The neighbourhood where all the cats in Utrecht seem to be is Lunetten, an underestimated part of the city (Wikipedia refers to it as “sleepy”). Well, since whenever I come there about a dozen cats pop out of nowhere, I’m quite smitten with it. Because I took so many nice pics, I’ll make a little series out of it.

While me and my friend that I was staying with were scouring for cats (thank God he doesn’t mind me cooing over every single feline), we saw one kitty that was meowing like there was no tomorrow and was veritably posing for the camera. While I was snapping away, his owner came out of the house. I thought she would tell me of for taking pictures of the house and the cat, but it turned out she didn’t mind at all, and was just coming to see what was going on. She told us her cat was named Josje, and that she would love it if I would send her the pictures of her beloved companion. I’ve done that already, and now for everyone to enjoy, I present: Josje!

Josje 1

Josje 2
Strike a pose

Josje 3
Josje says: “Vogue biotches! Strike a pose!”

Josje 4
“I’ll look at you for one time only then. Enjoy it while you can!”

One of the other cats we saw was the squeeky cat.

Squee 1

Squee 2
“Your finger smells…interesting”

Squee 3
“I disapprove of this diagonal angle”

Squee 4

Squeeky cat

August 6, 2007

I had a really cool weekend; I cycled from Amsterdam to Utrecht through the lovely Dutch landscape, I visited a friend and saw eight (!) cats and photographed six of them, then I went on to visit my family, and me and my boyfriend had a good time with some friends playing Chinese poker until the wee hours off the morning. Which, I might add, is really addicting.

Well, the kitty pics are on their way. There are so many that it will take me some time to re-size them all, but they will be on the blog this week. For now, I’m posting a little video of one of the cats I photographed, with a very squeeky meow!