Squeeky cat

I had a really cool weekend; I cycled from Amsterdam to Utrecht through the lovely Dutch landscape, I visited a friend and saw eight (!) cats and photographed six of them, then I went on to visit my family, and me and my boyfriend had a good time with some friends playing Chinese poker until the wee hours off the morning. Which, I might add, is really addicting.

Well, the kitty pics are on their way. There are so many that it will take me some time to re-size them all, but they will be on the blog this week. For now, I’m posting a little video of one of the cats I photographed, with a very squeeky meow!



4 Responses to “Squeeky cat”

  1. strider06 Says:

    Oh my cat… !
    During some reading on the local chit-chat on the Utrecht ‘lunetten’ forum i noticed an entry about some local cats published on a cat web-log.
    Curiously I opened it and there was my surprise. And a big laugh… because the photographed and filmed squeeky cat is ours. Her name is Phaedra! and 13 years young.
    Now we remember you, sitting on the pavement and making friends with her. She obviously enjoyed the attention enormously.
    Its a lovely portrait. Funny detail for you to know, her mother was called Piep (squeek).
    Thanks for making her squeeks famous for the rest of the world and you are welkom on the pavement any time. 🙂 MIIIEUW

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    Hi there! It is so funny and cool that someone actually recognizes hir/her cat on my blog. It’s great to hear more about her, because she’s and absolutely lovely cat. I hope to see her again when I visit ;). And that her mothers name is Piep makes it even better.

    Maybe I’ll see you when I visit Lunetten again!

    Miauw from me.

  3. strider06 Says:

    Dear Catsnstuff

    Im sorry to inform you about the loss of our beloved Phaedra (the squeeky cat). At the age of 16 and after a joyfull life she decided that it was enough and time to go. On 20-01-2011 we gave her a peacefull restingplace in our garden. We miss her sqeeks a lot.

    Grtz and mieuw

  4. catsnstuff Says:

    Dear Strider,

    I’m so sorry to hear that! She was such a happy cat, adorable and sweet, and you’ve given her a wonderful life. I’m glad I got to meet her :).

    Mauw, and all the best.


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