Cats in Lunetten – part 1

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to Utrecht this weekend and saw and photographed loads of cats. The neighbourhood where all the cats in Utrecht seem to be is Lunetten, an underestimated part of the city (Wikipedia refers to it as “sleepy”). Well, since whenever I come there about a dozen cats pop out of nowhere, I’m quite smitten with it. Because I took so many nice pics, I’ll make a little series out of it.

While me and my friend that I was staying with were scouring for cats (thank God he doesn’t mind me cooing over every single feline), we saw one kitty that was meowing like there was no tomorrow and was veritably posing for the camera. While I was snapping away, his owner came out of the house. I thought she would tell me of for taking pictures of the house and the cat, but it turned out she didn’t mind at all, and was just coming to see what was going on. She told us her cat was named Josje, and that she would love it if I would send her the pictures of her beloved companion. I’ve done that already, and now for everyone to enjoy, I present: Josje!

Josje 1

Josje 2
Strike a pose

Josje 3
Josje says: “Vogue biotches! Strike a pose!”

Josje 4
“I’ll look at you for one time only then. Enjoy it while you can!”

One of the other cats we saw was the squeeky cat.

Squee 1

Squee 2
“Your finger smells…interesting”

Squee 3
“I disapprove of this diagonal angle”

Squee 4


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