Cats in Lunetten – part 2: Tabby time

Ok, time for part two of the Lunetten expedition. This one will feature the tabby cats we saw. Unfortunately, the first one I photographed only came out fuzzy because she kept moving so much. *Say in Tyra Banks voice*: “Tabby, this is your best shot.”

Tabby 1

Yes, it’s a bit blurred, but you have got to love the attitude. “Okaaaay, I’ll just move my head to blur the picture a bit and then we can get this over with.”

This next one was chilling under a car. Really, that look defines smugness. I hope his right eye is okay by the way, it looked like he’d hurt it a bit.

Tabby 2.3
“Smuggy McSmuggersons, how do you do? O wait, I don’t care”

Tabby 2.1
“Ignoring your right”

Tabby 2.2
“Ignoring your left”

Sing it with me! “Ignoring on the left, ignoring on the right, by the looks of it, I could do it all night!”

Ignoring lef and right


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