Cats in Lunetten – part 3: Eyeliner cat

 For parts one and two of the Lunetten cat-catching trip, look here and here.

This whole edition will be devoted to just one cat. Her right eye had a nice eyeliner look and the is totally photogenic. She gave me so many nice pictures that I think could be well captioned by the way (I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? anyone?). When I saw the cat I was sure she wanted to totally and utterly rip me apart:

Eyeliner 1
“Excuse me, what the hell are you looking at?”

Eyeliner 2
“You are making me so mad!”

Eyeliner 3
“Leave me alone, I’m so not looking at you.”

Eyeliner 4
“Still there?! I’m coming to get you!”

Eyeliner 5
“Just kidding, gimme five.”

Eyeliner 6
“Am I not as cute as a button.”

Cute look
“Check out my eyeliner.”

Eyeliner 7
“I luurve the camera!”


3 Responses to “Cats in Lunetten – part 3: Eyeliner cat”

  1. menni Says:

    A Robert Smith cat, yay!

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    He would be so proud 🙂

  3. menni Says:

    They should have each other with cream!

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