Cats in Lunetten – part 4: black & white brothers

So this will be the final part of the cat pictures I made in Lunetten. I should move there, I could blog till the end of times I think. And I like the neighbourhood anyways.

The last two cats to feature in this Lunetten run (part o, part 1, part 2, part 3) kind of look like brothers! Both black and white, with white socks and ‘napkins’. The first one was a bit apprehensive about coming up to us, as you can see cleary:

What's going on
“Wheeuhh, what, someone said something?”

“What’s that, that looks like a giant hand.”

Stay still
“Ok, try to ignore the giant hand. It might go away.”

“Well, I’ll just sniff it just like the cat in the Cats in Lunetten – part 1 post”

The other kitty we saw was I think the happiest one I ever met. He kept begging to be petted and when we walked away I thought he was going to follow us to the end of the world. He had really funny eyes, with weird-shaped pupils.

Hello thar
“Nice to see you!”

Close up
“Check out my trapezium shaped left pupil. I rock.”

Lurve petting
“I luurve me some petting!”

Gimme some mo'
“More attention please!”

Shock cat is shocked


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