Invisible stuff ‘n cats – Part four

Yes! It’s part four of the invisible stuff ‘n cats run. I’m too lazy to link back to the other three posts, but if you click on the ‘Invisible stuff ‘n cats’ category, they will appear like magic. Enjoy.


Pogoing like Captain Keen

There's gonna be some invisible toothpickin'after this!

It ies .... asseptable

I thought I had posted the last one before, and I did. He’s really a talented cat with invisible stuff. Hope to see him again…

2 Responses to “Invisible stuff ‘n cats – Part four”

  1. BlueTulip Says:

    OMG!! These are adorable!!

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    Glad you like ’em! Make sure to check out the other ones as well, they always crack me up 🙂

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