Mish mash of kitties and a chick

It’s been a little while since I posted my own cat pictures, and I have made so many that I’m just going to cram some in. Not really coherent, but the diversity and quantity should make up for it a bit.

First of all, the stalker cat is back in town. I hadn’t seen her in a while, but now she’s back to her stalking ways.

Sneakidy stalk
“This stalking thing is really working out, she hasn’t seen me”

Nog nét vreg
“Stalk surprise!”

“Where are you going? O well, I’ll find you soon enough”

This picture of Bernard cracks me up. He always looks like he has never heard that before, or like you’ve just told him that the universe will one day collapse into itself:


I saw this next cat in a lunchroom. She was super-old, and I love that. Most people won’t agree, but I love older cats so much more than kittens. With old age comes character and grumpiness, and I consider that a good thing!

Don't wake me human
“You do realize that you woke me up, don’t you!?”

Shortest whiskers E-VAR!
“You are forgiven”

And finally, a picture of a little chick! I think he has plenty of attitude for something that young. But then again, birds are almost as good as having attitude as cats.

I has The 'Tude

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