Recipe for a cat’s attention

Sometimes, I run in to multiple cats that either a: ignore me or b: fight for my attention. Well, of course I enjoy both, and here is a fine example of occurrence b.

This red and white cat with a very uninterested look on his face first looked at me in disgust almost:

“What gives? What ever…”

“Let me disinterest you up close.”

He walked off, and then another cat took his place with a lot more vigour and interest”

Look at me!!!

But after about half a minute, the first cat came back to check out what was going on:

Stealing some thunder anyone?

Well, my camera batteries died after this picture, but suddenly the red and white cat was relentless in purrsuing (worst spelling pun ever) my attentions. The moral of the story is, as many cat lovers know, is that whenever your cat ignores you, just grab any other pet or stuffed toy, book, paper and give it attention, stir it and let it sit for a minute, and voila, instant cat love!


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