Life like stuffed Maine Coon cats

Avid readers will know that I’m a sucker for statistics and search keywords. It always amazes me how people end up on my blog and what search terms they use to get here. Recently, I discovered a real gem:


If you look under Yesterday, you’ll see what I mean. One person ended up on Catsnstuff looking for “stalker cat”. Yes, that is weird and kind of creepy, but below that is something more amazing: life like stuffed maine coon cats.

I’ve tried to wrap my head around this, but seriously can’t. There is no likely, nay, non-psychopathic explanation for these search terms. It can mean two things. One is the most…um….’logical’ reason, namely that someone was looking for a life-like stuffed Main Coon. Well, wouldn’t you just love to have a stuffed cat in your house, that is life-like as well! I mean, I really hate it when every stuffed animal that I add to my collection looks so dead. That’s creepy.

But my favourite explanation is that someone wants to know what life is like for a stuffed Maine Coon. I would imagine that it’s not very like-like (!) and boring, maybe even a little mouldy. It would be nice and quiet though, maybe when I retire, I will my life like a stuffed Maine Coon cat. 

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