Another window cat

I was talking to a cat that was lying in a window-sill, and at first he was like:

Say whah!

But once he got used to me, it was more like:

I see your point

However, when I told him I quite like dogs as well, it was back to:

Kitty dog shock

And it was all “talk to the hand” from there:


3 Responses to “Another window cat”

  1. blogwithnoname Says:

    Hahahahaha… “It was all ‘talk to the hand’ from there” … XD… Awwww… ^^ … That cat is so beautiful =)…
    I don’t remember if I got back to you on your comment on my post about cats…

    “catsnstuff Says: September 2nd, 2007 at 2:12 am e

    Those pictures are beautiful. Thank you! So sad that Molly is missing 😦 ”

    My answer is; Thanks =D. You’re welcome about the “inspired by cats ‘n stuff” note =). I love your blog. I LOOOOVE your photo captions =D…
    Yes, really sad indeed. =( …

    Greetings ;).

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    Hi! Thank you for your kind words. It’s good to see you’re blogging again. Now I can practise my Spanish again :).

  3. Escribidora Says:

    You’re welcome. I’m only saying the truth =P . Yay, I’m blogging again and it’s kinda scary, because I’ve been in some sort of a writer’s block for quite a while now. But I’ll try my best.
    Greetings 😉

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