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The “ears backward” move

November 24, 2007

Cats are annoyed a lot of the time. Dealing with stupidity all around you must me taxing, so I understand. Showing that annoyance takes time and skill if you want to do it right. One of the moves cats make when trying to ignore you when they are annoyed is moving their ears backwards. They do so quite unintentionally once they have mastered the skill. How cool would it be when people could no longer hide their annoyance with their nagging boss or spouse and could not help but twisting their ears backward. Job loss and divorce on a grand scale I guess, but cats get away with it.

Here are the various stages of the “ears backward” move:

1. Almost indetectable, in this first stage only one ear is cocked. Ignoring has already commenced, but the annoyance is still mild

Die mond joh!
* Thanks Bregtje, for this Parisian cat!

2. Yes, it’s getting there. The one cocked ear is complemented with a very craggy face. The cat is already looking downward, further cementing the ignoring process.

I may look like the cat above, but I'm my own man

3. The double ear cocking has set in, and the cat is looking even further away from you. He can still see you though. Beware, the cat is about to run away or attack at will.

Check out my ear tuffts

4. The cat has stood up (notice, in stage 1-3 the cat can’t be bothered to move). He gives you one last damaging look and is off! Wait, come back!

I'm so outta here

Note: the “ears backward” move is also used when the cat has his back to you, but wants to hear what you’re doing. Some cat breeders have made life easier for the cats, and have created cats that do the move permanently. Now, I’m not a great fan of couture breeding, but these kitties sure kick the ear game up a notch.

It complements shock:

Donkt ze weer d'r hele stack weg!
Picture found here

And utter and total disdain perfectly:

Ears tuft galore

My goodness, this one is an ignoring and haughty specimen if I ever saw one. Check out Popular Pets for more cats, frogs, and turtles among others.

Haughty animals

November 17, 2007

I love cats for a lot of reasons, one of the top three of them being that they can look at you with such disdain it’s palpable. They are one of the most haughty animals on the planet, but there are quite a few contenders that rival the cat’s abilities. This is a shortlist of my favourites, but of course suggestions are more than welcome!

In alphabetical order we have:

– Camels
Camels know they are better than humans, and are not afraid to show it. We losers don’t even have humps of fat that we can convert into water, so why on earth would camels think much of us?

Sideway haughtiness
Picture from Travellers Point

– Capybara’s
Never afraid to look like they disapprove of everything you say or do. Or have ever said and done. And will ever say or do.

Group haughtiness
Picture found on Herbweb. Cute Overload has also featured lovely pictures of capibara’s in all their haughty splendour. Check it out.

– Kangaroo
Yes, you may think these animals are cute and cool, but they sure as hell don’t feel the same about you! This one is airing his harbls like nobody’s business and looks totally not interested in anything but thinking how he’s so much better than everything.

I will NOT close my legs thank you very much

– Llama
Llama’s show how they feel about lesser lifeforms by spitting at them. Or they just totally ignore them, like this one is doing. Check out alpaca’s for further reference.

Pic found on Dutch Llama

– Owls
I think owls are almost as cool as cats. They ignore, they disapprove, they just give great face and haughtiness all year round. I have a serious animal crush on all owls, and this picture shows why that is. Great horned owl, take it away! (more…)

Invisible stuff ‘n cats – Part five

November 2, 2007

It’s time again for more invisible stuff ‘n cats. I have collected enough for a nice overview.

The famous Invisible Slalom of course:

Two kitties climbing:

invisible step ladder

Invisible stairs

The also pretty well known Invisible Piano:

Claude De-pussy playing L'isle joyeuse

Invisible Jet Plane:

fasten seatbelts, biotches!

And my two favourites:

Invisible Magic Eye Picture

Invisible Fistycuffs:

Get 'm!