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A year in numbers

January 29, 2008

Yes! I never thought I would do it, but Cats ‘n stuff has now officially been in existence for one year. The posts are still fun to write and the cats keep coming, so another year shouldn’t be a problem.

So, what exactly happened with this blog the past year? Have people actually read it, apart from friends and family that are so kind to check in every now and then? Why, yes, some people actually do! My favourite moment was when someone actually emailed me to say that she recognized her cat on my blog. I would love for that to happen more often, but once a year is already pretty cool.

I would not be me if there weren’t some facts and numbers to review the past year, so if you have the attention span of a three year old: there are some pictures on the bottom of this post. One even moves!

First of all, how many visitors did I get? From January 29, 2007 to now, exactly a year later, WordPress has counted 10.650 visitors in total, an average of 29 visitors a day.

jij snuibeltje

Are they unique? Probably not. Do friends and family account for most of these views. Why sure, but I’m still pretty proud! These numbers weren’t spread out evenly throughout the year though. When I count by month (excluding January 2007), the stat count looks like this:

February 2007: 172
March 2007: 303
April 2007: 247
May 2007: 319
June 2007: 115
July 2007: 927
August 2007: 1667
September 2007: 1341
October 2007: 773
November 2007: 1827
December 2007: 1596
January 2008: 1354

See that spike in July? That is the month the first Invisible stuff ‘n cats post really took off. That post attracted the most surfers and lurkers, 2763 in total. Strangely enough, all the other five posts in the Invisible series have not even gotten that number of visitors combined. So the prize for top post goes to the first Invisible stuff ‘n cats post. So nice to know that probably a third of the views this blog gets comes material I didn’t even make up myself. It challenges ones creativity.

So how many posts did I make in total, and what is the average? Well, the number of posts I made in a year (including this one) is:

January 2007: 2
February 2007: 12
March 2007: 5
April 2007: 5
May 2007: 6
June 2007: 3
July 2007: 9
August 2007: 9
September 2007: 8
October 2007: 5
November 2007: 3
December 2007: 2
January 2008: 4

That’s an average of 6 posts a month, but my oh my, I crashed at the end of 2007. I hope to be a bit more consistent this year. Hey, at least the start of 2008 wasn’t bad.

Well, those are the cold hard facts. I would really like to do a sort of top ten list, but I’m too tired to bother at the moment. I’m just going to post some pictures that I really like and maybe do a top something later on. My favs are:

De schaamte voorbij


Dealing with lesser lifeforms comes with the territory

That’s that for now, I’ll close this official first year with an animated GIF. What sums the glorious nature of the internet better than a poorly constructed “film”. Enjoy! Onto the next year!

Swanky technique

Yawning in four easy steps

January 27, 2008

I’m proud to present: Nippon. She is a cat from a friend of mine, and will probably be featuring on Cats ‘n stuff more than once. She’s very photogenic, and I think the next series of pictures of a step-by-step yawning guide by Nippon  prove this very well.

Saliva's coming up...
Step one: look interested and attentively above you. You really don’t want to have anyone catch you yawning, so they can make pictures that in turn will be posted on the internet. This strategy might persuade the person with the camera to look in the same direction you’re looking.

Step two: you can’t contain yourself any longer. You must yawn. Make it look like you’re singing and retain at least some of your dignity.

Too late dude
Step three: face it, you lost. Well, in that case just go all out and make it look like your head is about to split. RAWWRRR!

Step four: since your dignity has been lost (see step three) just go with the flow and make an UNBELIEVABLY weird face. Congrats Nippon, it’s a classic.

How to ignore

January 20, 2008

Whew, finally a good ‘ol post that I started Cats ‘n stuff for in the first place. Sure, invisible stuff ‘n cats are cute and all, but what is about to follow is equally nice, and…how to say this delicately, not ripped off from the lovely Cheezburger people.

The classic ignoring principles will be discussed at length today, for the purpose of educating kitties around the world. I should point out that since I love cats ignoring people (read: me) so much, and have posted pictures of this happening so often I have gone back and tagged every post I made about this subject. Cats ‘n stuff proudly presents, the Cats ignoring people category. And now, classic examples of how it’s done:

These ears equal not listening punk!
Yes, ten points for the annoyed look, stiffness of the body and the backward pointing ears. Well done! Keep up the good work.

Stalin de Lange
Excellent, I must say. The ears have come forward, but that sign of “ignorance” has been replaced with a haughty, almost Stalinesque staring into the distance.

Just saying:


Invisible stuff ‘n cats – Part six

January 8, 2008

Click on the “Invisible stuff ‘n cats” category for more things you can’t see.

Well, I’ve been lazy and in this time of year cats in Amsterdam are more content to sit inside and enjoy the luxury of central heating than parading in front of my camera. In other words, not a lot of new cat pictures. Thank you, I Can Has Cheezburger, for filling my blog with the sixth installment of Invisible stuff ‘n cats.

Happy invisible new year by the way:

Where da bubbles go?

Pew Pew Pew

Kind of like the invisible magic eye picture

I like so sin-a, about the moon-a and the june-a and the spring-a!