How to ignore

Whew, finally a good ‘ol post that I started Cats ‘n stuff for in the first place. Sure, invisible stuff ‘n cats are cute and all, but what is about to follow is equally nice, and…how to say this delicately, not ripped off from the lovely Cheezburger people.

The classic ignoring principles will be discussed at length today, for the purpose of educating kitties around the world. I should point out that since I love cats ignoring people (read: me) so much, and have posted pictures of this happening so often I have gone back and tagged every post I made about this subject. Cats ‘n stuff proudly presents, the Cats ignoring people category. And now, classic examples of how it’s done:

These ears equal not listening punk!
Yes, ten points for the annoyed look, stiffness of the body and the backward pointing ears. Well done! Keep up the good work.

Stalin de Lange
Excellent, I must say. The ears have come forward, but that sign of “ignorance” has been replaced with a haughty, almost Stalinesque staring into the distance.

Just saying:

“I’m ignoring the ails of my people”

If all that haughtiness doesn’t work out, try the cold shoulder:

I'm just not that into you!

Curious about the person trying to get your attention, but still don’t want to give them the time of day? Try the grazing stare. Let your gaze slide just past the object of your objection:

Well, that’s really all there is to it. When you are tired of ignoring, just look ’em straight in the eye to really see what the heck you are dealing with here:


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