Yawning in four easy steps

I’m proud to present: Nippon. She is a cat from a friend of mine, and will probably be featuring on Cats ‘n stuff more than once. She’s very photogenic, and I think the next series of pictures of a step-by-step yawning guide by Nippon  prove this very well.

Saliva's coming up...
Step one: look interested and attentively above you. You really don’t want to have anyone catch you yawning, so they can make pictures that in turn will be posted on the internet. This strategy might persuade the person with the camera to look in the same direction you’re looking.

Step two: you can’t contain yourself any longer. You must yawn. Make it look like you’re singing and retain at least some of your dignity.

Too late dude
Step three: face it, you lost. Well, in that case just go all out and make it look like your head is about to split. RAWWRRR!

Step four: since your dignity has been lost (see step three) just go with the flow and make an UNBELIEVABLY weird face. Congrats Nippon, it’s a classic.

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