Pillow talk with Arie

 Hey, I think I see Arie there on the couch. Let’s check out how he’s doing.

Van Snoozenstijn 

So Arie, how are you doing? It looks like you have four pillows on your back.

Ik merk niets joh

Um, Aar?

Happy dreams

Ok, you seem very happy sleeping while being covered with several feet of fluff.

Finally awake. Surely now you must be sick of the pillows.


Nice balancing act Aar.

Is that a smile?
“Mwoehaha izz my pillowz”

If you want to see the most evil close-up of Arie to date, click below. But beware…it might hurt the eyes.

Bert is evil? Aar is evil more like
“Your soul is mine! And your pillows too. Ktnxbye.”

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