A strange tail

Bernard, a cat I blogged about quite a few times before, has some peculiar preferences. For instance, he love to indulge in staring contests that creep out even the most cold-blooded individuals. He also love to put his paws on his tail. When he sits downs, he curls his tail next to his body (normal), but then proceeds to carefully put his feet on his tail. I don’t now of any other cat that does that.

Shit, snel wegduiken joh!
“So, I like to sit on my tail, what’s it to you?”

Net een rode pruik
“Ok, it might be a tad weird, but don’t be a hater.”

“I’m determined to keep doing it!”

Lemme think
“Ok, I’ll think about it, and maybe stop doing it.”

“I don’t think so, suckaaaaa!”

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