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The fastest cat in the world + playlist

March 30, 2008

I live in a building with a communal bike storage facility (it’s Holland right!). Thankfully, there are a couple of cats that come and greet me almost every day when I come down to get my bike. They look a lot like each other, but one has a very distinct characteristic that leaves no doubt in your mind about which one you’re dealing with. She is…the fastest cat in the world! She keeps running towards me for a little petting, then runs away, runs back and starts rolling around on the ground like she’s on fast forward. Therefore, I haven’t got a single clear shot of her. And I can tell you I’ve tried. Let me show you how it typically goes:

The approach:


Ready for petting:

Think fast!
“Hurry hurry hurry”

Then the circling of my legs starts:

“Dizzy yet?!”

And finally, the fast-forward rolling:


Want to see the attempts to get a shot that isn’t blurry? Then…


Dweezil freezes cat

March 26, 2008

Dweezil is the cat from the girlfriend of my boyfriend’s brother. Vague description, I know. I’m really bad with figuring out family relations, I have problems with the concept of grandfather, let alone stuff like this. What is that called? No idea. I once spent an entire afternoon with someone related to me way back, figuring out just how we were family. And we had the family tree printed in front of us. I guess that really proved we were family, because who takes four hours to simply find out you’re third cousins?! Wow, ok, back on topic.

Dweezil has a friend that lives next door, and they have befriended each other mostly through glass. These pictures are really old (incedental repost maybe), but super cute. Especially because Dweezil demonstrates her freezing powers over other cats.

First step – telepathic staring:

Already hooked
“He suspects nothing.”

Wrong Dweezil, you can’t see it, but the grey kitty is already spellbound.

Second step – the staredown

Over the shoulder shot = lolz

Ready for the end result?

Wales is pretty – kittehs!

March 23, 2008

The last of the Wales posts (part 1 and part 2), with a bunch of cats. Some of the cats were too hard to capture on camera, so I will not be posting all kitty sightings. Unless you like black dots in a green field of course, let me know.

We stumbled upon this cat when we took a wrong turn (see part 1). He was not pleased to see us. I know the pictures are not the best quality, but I think his anger is still very much visible.

Godver joh

Ga van mien erf
“You make me sick.”

This cat may look angry:

Ears backward move in action

But she was a delight, and after some close inspection:

“Let me do a background check.”

“I guess you’re ok.”

She just kept purring and asking for attention:

Canted angle means bad things? Not always!

“See ya!”

So after the jump, I will reveal my face for the first time on Cats ‘n stuff. I always wanted to exclude myself on this blog, because it really is about cats mostly, but since I’ll be travelling for two months from the end of May, and I’ll be posting my travel stories and photo’s here, I have abandoned that idea. So beware!


This should be a daily thing

March 23, 2008

Ladies and gentleman, the Search Term of the day is lovely in all it’s ridiculousness. If you can handle it, then…


Some more lovely search terms

March 21, 2008

As I posted before, I like statistics and finding out how people find my blog. Today I found some real gems in the Search Term overview:

– books that you have to stare at to see
Instead of the ones you can see immediately?

– ginger cats more intelligent
Are they? If Arie is any indication I’m sorry to say that I highly doubt it.

– flying penguins live where
On the planet orbiting the star Are You Sirius?!

– lizard love
Hey, whatever floats your boat man.

– real invisible car
It’s ok sweety, just go with the men in the white coats. They’ll take good care of you.

Soon, Welsh kitties. Real soon!

Wales is pretty – part 2

March 20, 2008

‘Part 2, so soon?’, I can hear you think. Why yes! I want to get to part 3 fast, because there are some classic cat pictures in there. Yesterday I posted pictures of the countryside, today it’s time for some of the sights.

Creepy image of a man on the outside of the cathedral in Llandaff:

Holla atcha boy

Happy graves:

The St. Davids cathedral. Not a particular beautiful shot, but I love that the graves are scattered around the cathedral seemingly random.

p.s. I’m not morbid or anything, I just like gravejards!


Wales is pretty – part 1

March 19, 2008

As you may or may not know, I went to Wales recently. As a result I made some pretty decent pictures of the countryside, the animals and of course cats. I’ll make cat lovers wait a bit, teaser-louise that I am. I’m tired, so no long Wales stories, just some observations about the country and then on to the pictures.

1. The Welsh are perhaps the nicest people in the world, and very polite. I honestly think I have not met one Welsh person that has not smiled at me, or apologised to me. “Do you have the time?” “Yes, sorry, it’s five thirty.” Strange, but endearing nonetheless.

2. The Welsh like clean toilets. Every time I went into a public loo, it had just been cleaned. I mean really cleaned, the floor still soapy wet, lovely smells and not a pee-crust in sight. I image that each time someone saw me approaching they started cleaning like mad with a mop. It’s their national sport, the Scots invented curling, the Welsh loo cleaning. Similar arm movement and equipment! And please curling peeps, keep your pants on. I know curling is cool and takes brains. Underestimated sport I tell ya.

3. The Welsh have a problem with road signs. They place them right on the point where you have to get of the main road, meaning you miss every single exit, or just hide them behind trees, bushes or sheep. Honestly, how anyone gets around there dumbfounds me. We got lost so many times. Thankfully, getting lost meant getting nice pictures. This first one was the result of quite a nerveracking trip up a very steep hill we were not supposed to get on at all!


Long live Hugo

March 13, 2008

Ok, I know the first part of this series was already posted on Cute Overload, but I laughed so hard I couldn’t resist recognizing Hugo for the star he is here as well. Hugo is the cat with the thousand faces people! In the hopefully ongoing series, enjoy part two.

Nippon speaks

March 3, 2008

I’ll be on holiday with my boyfriend for the next 10 days. I’m going to Wales, and I’m very excited! The nature is supposed to be great and it’s so nice and quiet, and therefore unlike Amsterdam. Maybe I’ll even see the three cats from the Ginger cat tales, since they live in the area where I’m going

Well, to make up for the lack of cat posting, like I promised earlier, here is a video of Nippon talking to me. Yes, I know that a touch of anthropomorphism, just let me. Unless anyone knows other cats that chew air when you talk to them and why. Until that time I’ll just believe she’s saying things to me, like ‘shut up, I’m trying to relax here’ or ‘fetch me some food lesser lifeform’. She is the best.

Weird pictures you can just stumble upon – part 1

March 3, 2008

Well, the title of this post says it all. I was looking for pictures of hand gestures (don’t ask) and found this picture. 

Dude seriously

Makes sense right! The name of the picture was ‘jerseys’, and it came from a blog with the subtitle: What could be less interesting than reading about the day-to-day doings of Delmer Wells? Indeed. So I didn’t. I hope to find many more puzzling images like this and share them with the world. Oh and Delmer, posing next to a huge corn cob can only disappoint the ladies in the end, it creates certain expectations. Just saying.