Artis – Part 2

Just a little more pictures I made at the Artis Zoo. Big cats are a must of course, so here they are checking out a plane flying overhead.

It's Superman

Is net Aar joh

And proof that monkeys are indeed almost as intelligent as humans:

Humans that say “like when I went to the prom I was like so excited like I can’t even tell you” and make hissy kissy noises upon seeing a woman. Actually, this monkey seems to be quite intelligent compared to that.

On to birds with attitude!

Kookaburra giving me the cold shoulder:


And he goes a little something like this.

There are some hilarious Kookaburra pictures on Wikipedia, my favourite is this one:
Beady eye factorHajewah

And of course an owl, the awesomest of birds:

Is helemaal geen sneeuw hier

They too, can ignore people very well:

To the right

And to the left.


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