Nippon the Great

Remember Nippon? The cat that lives in the office I work at right now? She’s awesome. Sometimes sweet, mostly old and cranky looking, and very peculiar. She can’t help herself but come to you and cuddle up to you when you whistle, and she pretends to be eating when you talk to her. Also, her owner can pick her up and spin her around, hold her upside down and she just lets him. I think I would have to say my final words when I would try it, but it’s hilarious when he does it.

Pictures after the jump!

Not caring

Supersmug kitty isn’t she. She reminds me of the longcat:

I'm famous bitches

Spitting image I say. And to really do justice to Nippon’s smugness I’ll add close ups of the pictures. A bit fuzzy, but still undeniably fierce.

Lickadee split

World domination plans brewing

4 Responses to “Nippon the Great”

  1. shussmallworld Says:

    Too amazingly cute! And it is funny what kitties allow Certain People but Not Others (and I have the scratches on my hands and arms to prove it).

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    Thank you! I love how she’s just completely at ease in the pictures. And since Nippon lives in the office I work in, I’ll be posting more of her in the near future, including a video!

  3. shussmallworld Says:

    Yea! Can’t wait for that. Kitties light up our worlds, don’t they?

  4. catsnstuff Says:

    They do! I love all kinds of animals, but cats are the best. And owls ;).

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