Wales is pretty – part 1

As you may or may not know, I went to Wales recently. As a result I made some pretty decent pictures of the countryside, the animals and of course cats. I’ll make cat lovers wait a bit, teaser-louise that I am. I’m tired, so no long Wales stories, just some observations about the country and then on to the pictures.

1. The Welsh are perhaps the nicest people in the world, and very polite. I honestly think I have not met one Welsh person that has not smiled at me, or apologised to me. “Do you have the time?” “Yes, sorry, it’s five thirty.” Strange, but endearing nonetheless.

2. The Welsh like clean toilets. Every time I went into a public loo, it had just been cleaned. I mean really cleaned, the floor still soapy wet, lovely smells and not a pee-crust in sight. I image that each time someone saw me approaching they started cleaning like mad with a mop. It’s their national sport, the Scots invented curling, the Welsh loo cleaning. Similar arm movement and equipment! And please curling peeps, keep your pants on. I know curling is cool and takes brains. Underestimated sport I tell ya.

3. The Welsh have a problem with road signs. They place them right on the point where you have to get of the main road, meaning you miss every single exit, or just hide them behind trees, bushes or sheep. Honestly, how anyone gets around there dumbfounds me. We got lost so many times. Thankfully, getting lost meant getting nice pictures. This first one was the result of quite a nerveracking trip up a very steep hill we were not supposed to get on at all!

I'm from Surrey

Foggy times:

Beh beto

Rugged country- and seaside:

Stekelbrem HMMRH

And my ongoing love for my macro lens on display:

Well, that’s it! I’m off to bed, because I’m about to fall over. I went to see The Cure yesterday, which was a magical and inspiring concert, I’m still floating! I did mean sleeping just over 4,5 hours, so right now the bags under my eyes and their colour are looking too much like Robert Smith’s make-up. More pretty Wales coming up.


One Response to “Wales is pretty – part 1”

  1. shussmallworld Says:

    Those are beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to see more.
    I should try to import a Welshperson to come clean my loo; I can’t think of a nicer thing right now than to have someone who sport-cleans clearing up after my tummy-troubled kitty 🙂
    GLAD you are back and sharing.

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